Here is the story from NLM and John Sonnen and picture via NLM/ John Sonnen.

At today's weekly general audience the Holy Father received a new tiara made for him and presented by Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

The tiara was commissioned by Dieter Philippi (, a German Catholic businessman who has a great devotion to the papacy as well as to the call to Christian unity.

The tiara was created in Sofia, Bulgaria by Orthodox Christians of the Liturgix studio (

Today a small delegation of Roman Catholics and Bulgarian Orthodox on pilgrimage in Rome had the honor to present the tiara to the Holy Father in the name of Christian unity.

Pope receives tiara

Dieter Philippi collects religious headgear

It takes some guts for someone to conceive, design, fabricate and present such a gift  to the Pope.  The act is full of symbolism.

What kind of symbolism? Is the giver of the gift saying - "you should be wearing this"? Is it a negative comment on the fact that the Pope has chosen not use the tiara on his coat of arms and not to be "crowned"?

Although it is interesting that the coat of arms which appears on the "ribbons" is the Pope's genuine coat of arms with the mitre and not a bowdlerised version with a tiara like the Tridentinum design.

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What will happen to it? It will be placed in tha papal collections as a curiosity. Or I suppose it could be sold to raise money for the poor and needy.Wink

You can bet any amount of money that this Pope will not wear it.

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